Elasticsearch is fast. Really fast.

bCommerce is built keeping the search as a pillar. The primary search is fuzzy enabled, and it delivers the speed and accuracy of the products. You may as well find many search bars in quotes, orders, variants, price lists, etc., to ease finding the information we seek.

Simple and fast product search - B2B eCommerce
product fitler - B2B eCommerce

Product and Category Filters

The selection of product is made easy for customers who are looking for multiple levels of product filters. Also, the products are well organized with three levels of categorization and then by brand and product series. Within product groups, you can find variants which work as product filters to help customers identify the products quickly.

Product Information Sheet

  • Download product information sheet from the information provided in the product group and product specifications
  • Provide product highlights, specification & delivery information of the product
Product Information - B2B eCommerce
Multi product in B2B eCommerce

Add multiple products

  • Add multiple products, and it's accessories from the same page without navigating multiple times.
  • Provide customer-specific pricing, and it is not just any price applicable to all

Reach your customers 24x7

Reach your customers from anywhere & anytime. They don't wait for you to return next time to discuss placing orders.

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