Add products in cart & Bulk upload

  • Businesses always buy multiple products hence bCommerce is designed to enhance user experience
  • Add products directly in quote or order cart without navigating to browse page
  • Excel upload to quote or order cart to increase efficiency

b2b ecommerce bulk product upload
b2b ecommerce cart

Seamlessly move products between carts

  • You can add complete wishlist to either quote or order cart in single click
  • Move products seamlessly between carts

Public & Private wishlists

  • Create list of products and share it with your company for shared wishlists
  • Create multiple private wishlists and do more with it

b2b ecommerce wishlist
b2b ecommerce cart quantity increase

Essential product information

  • Use of same product cards from product detail page for essential information
  • Complete flexibility of adding quantities and deleting products in the cart

Exceed Customer Expectations.

Provide adequate information to your demanding customers proactively and exceed their expectation. Focus on increasing your customer satisfaction while you increase your productivity.

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